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Legal cases - Gregory family


A sheet of notes headed `Mr Gregoryes answer to y supe; Lord Leighs demandes as to the materes in difference betwixt them', repeating his previous arguments [no. DR10/1767] and adding that Richard Snell, Thomas Grisold, Benedict Lines and William Cox senior would attest to Mr. Gregory's right of common in Greene Lane and Endlisse Lane, that the 7s. 5d. for the tithe of Pipes Mill was agreed in a covenant between Lady Leigh, Sir Thomas Leigh and Arthur Gregory [no. DR10/1004], that the tenant of Pipes has right of common in Stonely common, which can be proved by the same witnesses and William Hall, and that at the manor court of Stonely, held on 10 April, 3 Elizabeth [no. DR10/1001] it was found that Thomas Gregory ought to have common on Armley Heath and Dawley Heath. On folio two, is `a note of such thinges as Mr Gregory demandes of the Lord Leigh', i.e. a parcel of ground lying near Robbcroft mill called a Pingle, to which Mr Gregory has a good claim, by a deed of 12 April, Edward VI [no. DR10/1000] from John Hales to Thomas Gregory; satisfaction for a parcel of alders which Lord Leigh cut down and which were growing on the river bank next to Armely Heath; and common of pasture in Dawley Heath belonging to Helinhull Grange, and common as far as Woosley Bridge, from there to Gale Bridge and from there to Croofeild, alias Cryfeild. Written by Loveisgod Gregory.