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A description of the mears and bounds of the parish of Stychall and also of the commons of Stivichall as determined by a commission consisting of Sir William Feilding, Mr. Roger Wiggstone, esq., Mr. Thomas Tree, esq., and Mr. Burgone, the king's auditor and one of the surveyors of the king's lands which met on Crifeild heath about 44 or 45 years before and settled the commons between Stychall, Stonlie, Fynnam and Hennwell Graunge. `There was shewed verie good evidences both forth of Coventrie, Childsmor and Stonlie and Killingworth, and from Mr. Ferris of Tomwoth, and the commissioners sett downe an order betwen the various commoners ----- how farr everie man shold entercommon ---- at libertie which was before in controversie and shold have ben taken away by ---- Mr. Humfrey Raynoldes ----, Mr. Henrie Porter, gentleman, and James Cruse, gentleman'. After dinner at Stychall the commissioners went to the house of Mr. Neale, who was Sir Humfrey Ferrieres balie, and then they and certain of the oldest inhabitants rode about the lordship of Stychall and viewed the said mears and bounds. At the same time it was ordered and set down how far the commoners of Stichall should common within the parish of Stonlie and how far the commoners of Fynnam and Henwell Graunge should common within the parish of Stychall (full details). This document also includes a list of names of Coventry men active about 1555 and part of an account of the woods and pastures within the hamlet of Astell.

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