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Legal cases - Gregory family


Draft bill of complaint of Arthur Gregory, written in his hand, addressed to Sir Thomas Egerton, the Lord Keeper, against the mayor and bailiffs of Coventr', drawn up in accordance with an order in Chancery of Michaelmas Term 39 Elizabeth [no. DR10/1659]; that Thomas Gregory, his father, and John Waid were seised of the property in Flechamsted by virtue of letters patent dated 8 December, 36 Henry VIII [see no. DR10/1200]; that the said premises by partition were allotted to the said John Waid, who afterwards by indenture of 28 November, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, sold his interest in the same to Thomas Gregorye and one Richard Mundy [no. DR10/1307]; that the said Thomas gave all his lands in Flechamsted to his son Arthur Gregorye, and confirmed this gift by a fine in Michaelmas Term, 12 Elizabeth; that after the death of Thomas Gregory, the said Arthur leased the said premises to one Francis Tallantes, since when great uncertainty has arisen over the title to the said premises by reason of the claim of the mayor and bailiffs of Coventr' Endorsed: Gregory versus maiorem Coventry [AG]