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Personal papers - miscellaneous


Bond from James Coffen of the parish of St. Mary, Islington, co. Middx., gardener, to Edward Flower of Chichester Rents in the liberty of the Rolls, co. Middx., jeweller and mother of pearl maker, in the penal sum of 30 pounds; the condition being that, whereas by indenture of apprenticeship of even date, George Coffen, son of the said James, is bound as apprentice to the said Edward Flower for seven years, the said James Coffen shall wash and mend the apparel of the said George Coffen; and if this is done the said Edward Flower will yield up the said indenture of apprenticeship after the first six of the seven years, and the above bond shall be void. Signed: James Coffen, Edward Flower Red seal applied, papered. Witness: Abraham Flower