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Appointments: Gregory Family


Defeasance from Sir William Greysley of Colton, co. Stafford, knight, to Arthur Gregory of Styvechale, esq. Whereas the said Sir William, Clement Throckemorton, esq. and Richard Over, at the request of the said Arthur, are with him jointly bound to the crown in 500 pounds, by obligation bearing date 24 November last; and whereas the said Arthur, by statute merchant of even date, is bound to the said Sir William in 1000 marks; now, if the said Arthur shall save harmless the said Sir William, Clement Throckemorton and Richard Over from any claims made against them under the former bond, then the latter shall be void. Dated: 15 December, 13 Elizabeth Signed: Arth. Gregory Tag, seal lost. Witnesses: Ralph Burtun, Richard Hobdaye, Richard Repyngton, John Newport, William Bothe, junior. Endorsed with memorandum that this indenture was returned cancelled to Arthur Gregory, by virtue of an obligation made with Mr. H. Ferrers. Also endorsed: Mr. Gregorye of Coventrye.