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Draft record of proceedings in court, dated Easter Term, 17 Henry VIII, in which Robert Somervyle, esq., and William Laghton, clerk, were summoned to answer a charge of William Dyngley, gent., as to why they had prevented him from presenting to the church of Somervyle. The plaintiff alleged that Thomas Somervyle, esq., lord of Somervyle Aston' was seised of the advowson of the said church, and that on 20 December, 8 Henry VIII [1516] he had granted to John Archer, esq., Ralph Somervyle, gent., and John Russell, clerk, the next following presentation to the same. On the reverse side of sheet 1 is a precept to Robert Somervyle, and William Laghton to allow Ralph Somervyle and William Dyngley the presentation to the church of Somervyle Aston'.