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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of a bill of complaint, dated Hilary Term 33 and 34 Charles II, of Thomas Lord Leigh, baron of Stoneleigh, alleging that for 10 years past he has been seised of the rectory and impropriate tithes of Stoneleigh; that Loveisgod Gregory of Stivechall, esq. and Christopher Griswold of Stoneleigh, miller, have for these 10 years been seised of lands in the said parish, i.e. Over Woods, the Neather Wood in Hill, a water mill called Pipe Mills alias Pipes Mill, and two closes called Rabcroft and Baldwins Grove; that during this time, although they have sown the said lands with wheat, etc. and reaped the same, they have never paid tithe; that in 1680, when they cut down ten loads of tithable wood in Over Wood, they also paid no tithe; that other offences of the same nature (details given) were committed in 1680, 1675, 1676, 1677, 1678 and 1679; that, although for 60 years past, it was customary to pay 20 shillings annually in lieu of the tithe corn and grist of Pipe Mills, the said Loveisgod Gregory and Christopher Greswold for the past ten years have refused to pay the same, even though the latter's father, Thomas Greswold, until 10 years since, had done so; that for five years past the said Loveisgod Gregory and Christopher Greswold have sown and reaped lands in Stoneleigh in secret so that the plaintiff is ignorant of how much tithe is owing to him.