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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of proceedings in court, dated Trinity Term, 37 Elizabeth, concerning a plea between Thomas Hyll and Arthur Gregorye. Arthur Gregorye, late of Stonley, esq., and John Gregorye, late of Stonley, gent., were summoned to answer a charge that, on 1 October, 34 Elizabeth [1593] at Stonley, they had driven off 200 sheep belonging to Thomas Hyll, for which he claims 40 pounds damages; to which they replied that the said sheep were pastured on thirty acres called Halforde in Stonley which pertained to their free tenement in Stonley. Thomas Hyll then claimed that the sheep were not pastured on the said thirty acres, but on forty acres called the Grange Peece, but Arthur and John Gregorye also laid claim to this property as their free tenement. Case adjourned. Endorsed: Hyll versus Gregorye. Brownlowe Trinity term 1595