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Legal cases - Gregory family


Draft petition of Loveisgod Gregory by John Downes his guardian, repeating his claim that in the inquiry of 17 January, 16 Charles II, a mistake had been made in the calculations of the sum owed to Katherine Gregory [see no. DR10/1745] and alleging that the jury had failed to take into account certain factors which in his opinion reduced the amount owing to 124 pounds; that, in Michaelmas Term last, Mr. Pinsent was ordered to examine his complaint, and that he had reported that Loveisgod Gregory should pay instead 180 pounds before the first day of the following Hilary Term [no. DR10/1748]; that, upon the opening of the case in Hilary Term, Mr. Rushworth, one of the guardians who had managed the whole case, had since died, and John Downes, being ignorant of the proceedings, took no action, whereupon a writ of attachment was issued against him for contempt [no. DR10/1749]. It is therefore prayed that the attachment be removed and that the amount owed to Katherine Gregory should be reconsidered.