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Knight of Barrells


Letter from Edward Whitaker at [12] Lincolns Inn Fields to the Rev. H.C. Knight about his supposed liability to repair the chancel at Ullenhall. He returned a letter which Mr. Knight had received from the Churchwardens. Writing in the absence of relevant deeds and papers, he was under the impression that Mr. Knight was under no such liability as the Churchwardens assumed. There were however one or two considerations to bear in mind. First, if he disclaimed liability, this would virtually preclude him from claiming any chancel rights thereafter. But these were probably valueless anyway. Secondly, if his tenants attended the chapel, he would be disposed to contribute towards the repair of the chancel or church, in which case it might be as well for him to expend the money on the chancel, as lay rector. King's College ought to contribute, and if Mr. Newton was resident and attended the church, he could hardly refuse. If however Mr. Knight wished to regard only the legal aspect, he would ask him to send him the conveyance to the late Mr. [Robert] Knight and the printed sale particulars. Signed: Edward Whitaker.