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Knight of Barrells


Letter from Edward Whitaker at 12 Lincolns Inn Fields to the Rev. H.C. Knight on the subject of tithes. He considered that the amounts payable were based on old moduses or compositions, which were fixed payments in lieu of tithes before the Tithe Act. It was obvious that 20s. per annum could not have represented the value of the tithes on 39 acres at the time of the Commutation made in 1840. Would Mr. Knight refer to Denton again to see if he alluded to the previous history of these payments. He thought they were probably fixed and immemorial payments and recognised as such at the Commutation, in which case their disproportion was immaterial. Signed: Edward Whitaker. Annexed is a draft account of half a year's rent due to the Rev. H.C. Knight, less payments for tithes due to King's College, Cambridge, and the Rev. Edward Kirwan, and other payments.