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Knight of Barrells


Extract from the Charity Commissioners' report, Warwickshire (Barlichway) pp. 589-90, relating to Knight's charity in the hamlet and chapelry of Ullenhall. John Knight of Barrels in the parish of Wootton gent. by will dated 22 August 1681 gave the poor of the parish of Ullenhall, Henley-in-Arden and Rowington the yearly sum of 50s. issuing from his close in Ullenhall called Grimshaw's Hill. By deed dated 1 May 1673 he had granted this yearly sum of 50s. to George Fullwood gent. and others as trustees, who when their numbers fell to three were to assign the same to nine other honest substantial persons residing in the said townships for the further performance of the said trust. The will declared that 20s. of the said yearly sum of 50s. should be employed in providing two gowns of frieze for two poor women residing in Ullenhall yearly against Christmas; another 20s. in providing one coat and one gown for a poor man and a poor woman residing in Henley; and the 10s. residue in providing one such gown for a poor woman residing in Rowington, the said poor persons to be nominated from time to time by the owners of his house and lands of Barrels, so long as the same should continue in any of his posterity or relations of name or blood. The estate called Barrels, then the property of Robert Knight esq. M.P., included a close called Grimshaw's Hill containing about 12 acres, and according to the testimony of an old inhabitant, two gowns were annually given by preceding owners and occupiers of Barrels to two poor women of Ullenhall. Since Mr. Knight came into possession, clothing had been annually distributed to the poor to a considerable amount, but none had been given specifically on account of this bequest to the poor of any of the places entitled to it, nor was Mr. Knight aware of the existence of the charity. On the Charity Commissioners' representations, Mr. Knight admitted his liability to this rentcharge, which would in future be specifically appropriated. 2 copies.