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Spon End in Coventry deeds and papers


Gift and quitclaim from Matilda daughter of Lyholf de Spanne to Stephen de Segrave of all her land in the vill of Spanne; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee; and for this the said Stephen gives 4 marks of silver. Witnesses: John de Ripariis, Walter son of Elias, William de Sancto Edmundo, Walter de Bissepesdon', Henry Tylun, Walter de Kinton', Thomas Bluet and many others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, white, broken. Legend: SIGILL' MATI --- Endorsed: i) De terra in Spanne de dono Matildis filie Lyolf' de Spanne [added] in com' Warr' ii) Maltilda uxor Langly [AG] iii) Richardus de Aula per eschambium qui de i redditum Langly ii sups;.vi supd;. apud Spanbarr [AG]