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Bonds Receipts: Other Families


Covenant whereby Thomas Kyrkeby, prior of the monastery of Kyrkebye apon Wreyke, co. Leics., undertakes to pay to Alice Freisbie, widow of Richard Freisbie deceased, and Christopher Wade of Coventr', grocer, within 12 days of St. Michael next, one quarter of barley malt and a half quarter of wheat and on the feast of the Annunciation a further quarter of barley malt and another half quarter of wheat; and also for the next two years to pay £3. 6s. 8d. a year, namely at the feast of the Annunciation next at the altar of St. Katherine in the church of St. Michael, Coventr', £1. 13s. 4d., and the same sum at the feast of St. Michael following, and at the same terms and place in the following year, i.e. 1529; and after these two years to pay to the said Alice 3 pounds annually for life at the aforesaid terms and place; and for this the said Alice and Christopher, by a deed of release of a few days before, quitclaimed the said prior and convent of all debts owed to them. Dated: 27 September, 19 Henry VIII. On tag, large fragment of the priory seal in red wax. Legend: S' ----------------SUPER WRETHEH Endorsed: a lese set by the Abbot of Kerpy in the County of Lester [LG]