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Legal cases - Gregory family


Three copies of an order in Chancery, dated 1 February, 5 Charles I, in the case between Simon Chamber and Edward Wayst, reciting a bill of complaint of Simon Chamber that Arthur Gregorie, esq., had leased to George Marbury a tenement and lands in Kingshill for 60 years and had entered into a bond with him in 500 marks for the performance of covenants, and that the lease had come to the plaintiff as in no. DR10/1667; that the plaintiff had a decree in this court against John Bott and one Gressold to whom Bott had assigned the lease contrary to the trust in him reposed; that John Gregory, son of Arthur Gregory, recovered the lands by reason of an entail, whereupon the plaintiff extended the statute of 500 marks, having first obtained the administration of the unadministered goods of the said George Marbury; but that the defendant, being the grandson of Thomas Marbury, the brother of George Marbury, is proceeding in the spiritual court against the plaintiff to repeal the plaintiff's administration and to obtain an administration for himself to pay his mother a legacy due to her under George Marbury's will; and reciting the answer of Edward Waist that he does not deny that the lease was sold for 400 pounds for the performance of George Marbury's will, nor that the 400 pounds went for such performance; and reciting a request of the plaintiff that the proceedings in the spiritual court should be stayed until the case in equity be determined. It is therefore ordered that Sir John Michell, Master in Chancery, shall find whether the above information is true.