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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of a summons to Thomas Edge of Coventr', smith, to answer in court at Coventr' to a complaint by Richard Mundy, of the same, yeoman, that he has defaulted in the payment of a debt of 5 pounds, acknowledged by him in a bond of 2 September, 20 Elizabeth. On sheet 2 in a copy of the bond, namely that the same would be void if Arthur Gregorie, gent., and John Billing, husbandman, successfully prosecute a suit against Simon Clarke, for the return of two kine, which kine the said Simon Clarke had wrongly taken from the said Arthur Gregory and John Billing, and which the said Richard Mundye, as bailiff of Cheildesmore, had delivered to the said Arthur Gregorie and John Billing. On sheet 3 is the answer of the said Thomas Edge. The reverse side of sheet 1 and both sides of sheet 2 have notes on the case by Arthur Gregory.