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Correspondence - Gregory Family


Letter from Henry Wyllyams [vicar of Meriden] to Arthur Gregory, relating how one Edward Smith, out of spite, had presented him at Arthur's court held at Easter 1584, for not having his hogs ringed and yoked according to the decree of the court. He denies this charge and says that he and others, at a cost to himself of 10 shillings, had bills made against Smith at the Midsummer Quarter Sessions. However, the case had been referred to Arthur's court leet where his wife will produce proofs and witnesses of his innocence as he himself will be in London. Endorsed: i) Caule for proffe of this business Henry Tailor who rigged my hogges the Satterday befor Maye Daye .... ii) To my weri good wor shi' frende, Mr. Arthur Gregorie geve these with speed

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