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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy and draft of a letter from John Wicksteed, addressed `Worthy Sir', stating that although he had received the directions for sealing an assignment from the administratrix, which have been carried out by first entering part of the lands held by Mr. Chambers and leaving a man there, then entering lands in Mr. Gregorye's possession and leaving a man there (both which lands are in Coventry) and then entering lands in Brincklow in the possession of Mr. Chambers, and there sealing the assignment, Mr. Gregory wishes to know whether, if Mr. Chambers has secretly assigned the land on which the assignment was sealed from Jane Waiste to Mr. Gregory, her entries and deed would be of no effect, and whether Mr. Chambers might assign part and not all of the said lands, and, if so, whether Mr. Gregory might surrender the deed back to Jane Waiste and have another made to him sealed upon any of the extended lands in Mr. Gregory's possession. The administration came to Mrs. Waiste on Saturday last, under the seal of the office and the assignment was sealed this present day. Draft is signed by John Wicksteed, and dated at Stivechall.

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See nos. DR10/1252-3.