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Legal cases - Gregory family


Certificate of [John] Pynsent, Master in Chancery, in the case between Gregory vidua and Gregory, reciting an order of the court of Chancery dated 24 November 1665, wherein the Court directed that the parties or their attornies should wait on Master Pynsent to whom it was referred to assess the amounts due in dower and by damages, taking into account sums lately received by the demandant of the tenant, and the profits of part of the estate enjoyed by the demandant, the said Master Pynsent, to determine all matters between the parties if he could and to certify the Court of his findings. The Master now certifies that he thinks it fit that the tenant pay the demandant, for the value of the lands and his [?her] costs and for the damages of detaining the value, 180 pounds by the first day of next term. Signed by the Master in Chancery.