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Meriden deeds and papers


Gift from Ivo de Aellespat to the monks of St. Nicholas of Kirkebi [Monks Kirby] of a virgate of land in Aellespet which belonged to Godwin and his heirs, to hold in free alms for the soul of the said Ivo, his ancestors and successors, and for the deeds committed by the said Ivo on the lands of St. Nicholas during the civil war. Witnesses: Thomas steward (dispensatore), Elias, his brother, Richard cornmonger (frumentino), Robert, his son, Gilbert, son of Pichot, Roger, his son, Nigel de Amundavilla, Thomas de Bikenhulla, William Brittone, Roger reeve (preposito), William reeve (preposito), Adam, son of Godwin. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Yvo de Alespad' apud eundem locum.