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Draft record of proceedings in the Court of King's Bench in an action for false imprisonment, dated Easter Term 12 Henry VIII. Richard Hawes of Warwice, gent., Thomas Wylmer of Coventr', glover, Edward Goodyere of Bagyngton', yeoman, and Thomas Bayman' of Wynnall, husbandman, were attached to answer to John Heth, who, on 12 October, 11 Henry VIII, had been arrested by the defendants at Bagynton'. The defendants alleged that, on 24 September, 11 Henry VIII, a black cow (bos) was stolen from Thomas Bayman at Wynnall by persons unknown and, because the said John Heth was a man of ill repute, he had been suspected of the crime and had been arrested by the said Richard Hawes as steward, for the dean and collegiate church of St. Mary, Warr', of the manor of Bagynton', and by the said William (sic) as bailiff of the same, and imprisoned. At the foot is a writ to the sheriff of Warwick to empanel twelve men `de visu de Bagyngton' to appear in court at Westminster and give their verdict in the said case.