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Correspondence - Gregory Family


Letter from Edmund Gregory to his brother, Arthur Gregory, upbraiding him for the slanderous reports which he has put about, and assuring him that `neyther your pretended release, forgery, nor matter of trust concerning the statute, nor yet your deniall of acknowledging it .... shall availe you'. Edmund is confident in his resources and in the support of his brother, Christopher. He claims that Arthur has made a certain lease and bound himself to make further assurance of it; if Arthur now acknowledges a fine for the benefit of the assigns of the said lease, for whom Edmund is acting, then Edmund will return the bond in 400 marks; but if he refuses, then the course of the law will proceed, and Arthur will have no-one to blame but himself. Traces of an applied seal. Endorsed: To my loving brother Mr. Arthure Gregory at Stichall geve these. Robert Picken.

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This letter, and nos. DR10/1936-1948ff., relate to the case Gregory v. Gregory, nos. DR10/1600 ff.