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Correspondence - Gregory Family


Letter from [?Thomas Astley] to Arthur Gregorie concerning his manor of Wolvey [?Astley], and requesting information on the Astleys and Bassetts. `I much depend vpone youe y supt; youe will accordinge to youre promise prove forth my leite and that I maie withe all deniall kepe the same.' For this he sends Arthur 5 pounds and the promise of an annuity of 20 shillings per annum to be his steward and keep his court in Wolvey. He had been presented in the court (?of the main manor of Wolvey) and understood that this was Arthur's doing. Nevertheless he relied on him to see that Mr. Marrowe held himself content `as youe are a gent' and a Christian.' Mentions finally his promise to send him `the dead [deed] of 3 seales touchinge the Temple and Marson roles, to be parcel of Wolvey leitt.....'. Dated doubtful. Signature lacking but see no. 1923. Endorsed with notes by Arthur Gregory. 14 Oct ?1576