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Official papers - Coventry


Volume containing the following: i) ff. 3-15v: the original accounts of Ford's Hospital in Coventry, Michaelmas 1542-Michaelmas 1547. ii) ff. 16-56: memoranda and accounts of Thomas Gregory of Coventry, Easter 1551-1573/4, including particulars of arable land in Stivichall (1560-61), an inventory of the goods in his house taken after the death of his first wife in 1561, and an account for the highways (1569-70) iii) ff. 56v-82: memoranda and accounts of his eldest son, Arthur Gregory, 1573/4-1581, beginning with details of his father's funeral [see also no. DR10/2069] and including rentals for Stivichall and Kingshill. These are interspersed with Arthur Gregory's accounts as feodary, 1574-1581. iv) ff. 83-94: notes by Arthur Gregory, mainly relating to the manorial history of Stivichall