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Miscellaneous Trusts


Bond from Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, gent., to John Welton and Abraham Drye, guardians of the parish church of Stivichall, in the penal sum of 10 pounds, the condition being that, whereas Thomas Naul late of Coventry, husbandman, by his will dated 15 May 1703, bequeathed to the churchwardens of Stivichall the sum of 5 pounds to be put forth at interest and the annual interest used to buy bread to be distributed amongst the poor of the said parish on the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, and whereas John Downes of Coventry, gent., the executor of the said will, at the request of the said churchwardens, has paid the said sum of 5 pounds to the said Arthur Gregory, the said Arthur Gregory shall henceforth pay or cause to be paid 5 shillings annually (being the interest secured on the said 5 pounds) to the churchwardens and overseer of the poor of the parish of Stivichall to be distributed amongst the poor of the parish. Signed: A. Gregory Red seal applied. Witnesses: Charles Yardley, Richard Brockhurst and English