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Personal papers - miscellaneous


Agreement between Sir Nicholas de Segrave and Sir Nicholas de Segrave and Sir Henry de Erdington' whereby Sir Henry undertakes to perform the king's service in Wales for the bishop of Nichole [Lincoln] with the tenth part of suitable men at arms well mounted on ten horses maintainable for forty days at his own cost, in return for 55 marks to be paid by Sir Nicholas at Wirecestre [Worcester] within fifteen days of the feast of St. John in the same year; and if he cannot be there he will send another knight in his place. It is also agreed that, in the event of Sir Henry's failure to perform service or of Sir Nicholas's failure to make the stipulated payment, each will be solely responsible to the king. Dated at Caludon' the morrow of St. Botolph [5 Edward I]. Witnesses: Sir Stephen de Neoville, Sir Alured de Sulery, Sir Richard de Witsand, John Mallore, Hugh de Brunsop', William de Timberlak', John de Neoville, William Mallore and others. Seal on tag: circular, dark green. Shield of arms between two stars. Legend: S'NICHOLAI DE SEGRAVE Endorsed: i) scriptum Nicholai de Segrave in rotulatum ii) filii domini Gilberti filii domini Stephani [AG] iii) Nich. avait issu Johannem, Nych', Hugh' milites [AG]