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Combe deeds and papers


Confirmation in frankalmoign from Roger de Moulbraio to God and the monks of St. Mary of Cumba of all the land of Smite, in land and water, wood and level ground, meadow and pasture, which Richard de Camvilla held of him (the said Roger), and which he gave to God and the said monks of St. Mary of Cumba to found an Abbey of the Cistercian Order; to hold to the said monks free from the service of one knight which the said Richard used to owe and from all secular service.

And moreover the said Roger gives to the said monks in his wood of Burchtleio [Birchley Wood in Brinklow] the dead wood and pasture for their cattle and grants that their swine shall be quit of pannage.

Witnesses: Roger Abbot of Belleland, Robert de Daivilla monk, Herbert de Morevilla and Richard his son, William de Arches, Robert de Daivilla, Bertrand Haget and William his son, Roger de Flammavilla, William de Camvilla, Ralph de Belver and Robert his brother, and Ralph de Bethlum.

Seal on tag: circular, brown, broken. An armed knight on horse back holding a shield. Legend: SIGI[L]LUM ROG[ERI DE MOULBRAIO] Endorsed: i) Rog' de Moulbraio de terra de Smita [contemp] ii) Mortuus boscus pasture et pannagium in Burtely [AG] iii) Burteley [AG]

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    c. 1150

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    CC-BY-NC-ND Image Courtesy of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust