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Coventry deeds and papers


Bond from John Grigorye of Stitchall, alias Styveshall, gent., to John Clarke of Coventrie, mercer, in the penal sum of £20, the condition being that upon 14 days notice, the said John Gregorie shall grant a lease to the said John Clarke of a messuage, with shops and gardens etc., being part of the inheritance of the said John Gregorie, and now in the tenure of the said John Clarke, situated in Coventry in Smithfordstreete, on the south side thereof, over against the Broade Gate, between a tenement late of Widow Pynning' on the west and a tenement in the tenure of Widow Pymm on the east, to hold for a term of 21 years at an annual rent of £5 yearly. Dated: 3 July, 7 James I. Signed: John Gregory. Witnesses: Humphrey Browne, scr., Thomas Lyne, servant of the said scrivener. Tie only, tag and seal lost.