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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Margery de Nerbon' to Master Simon de Walton' of a moiety of her lands in the vill of Stivichal' whether in demesne or villeinage with free service in mills, meadows and pastures, and the moiety of any lands with appurtenances accruing to the said Margaret, excepting the chief messuage with orchard and garden and the little meadow in front of the gate; to hold of the said Margery paying annually one penny at Easter in lieu of all service except the forensic service pertaining to the said land. Witnesses: Philip de Winchecumb', Anketil de Wikkewau', Robert de Vtelycot', Thomas Raven of Tachebrok', William Ryuel of Huchenton', Hugh de Wike clerk, Hugh son of Richard of Chadelessunt, Richard le Mestre of the same, Robert Mile of the same and others. Seal on tag; oval, green. Legend: S'MARGARIE DE NEREBON Endorsed: i) Simon de Waton Iusticiarius Itinerans anno 32 H 3. Mr. Simon Gregory dominus de Walton iuxta Kyncoyt in Comitatu Lecestr' anno 39 H. 3. Et idem Dominus terrarum in Fresely in comitatu War'. Robertus de Walton videlicet Robertus Gregory de Walton tempore H. 3 [AG] ii) For Knyghts service halfe part of al Styvichal' village [AG]