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Correspondence - Gregory Family


Letter from Margaret Gregory to her husband, Mr. [John] Gregory, saying that they are unwilling to leave the town `till I know what Chambers will doe' and instructing him in the meantime to let the sheep out of Georges Close and sell the calves which are ready; and also `my medley cloth lett yt be made readye with all speed and lett Goodman Phelips use his best skill to dresse yt handsomlye and make verye good cloth of yt'. She also entreats him to have a care of the children and `keepe them not to hoate' and asks him to send her 3 pounds out of her trunk, the key of which is in her spice box. She ends by giving him further information regarding the progress of the case against Chamber. Endorsed with writing exercises.

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For the case Chamber v. Gregory see nos. DR10/1667 ff.