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Official papers - Coventry


A book of Corporation accounts for the years ending Michaelmas 3 and 4 Philip and Mary (ff.1-8) and 2 and 3 Philip and Mary (ff.9-19). They comprise receipts for former Gild property and miscellaneous fines, etc. (ff.1-2, 9,12v-14,19v) and receipts for Childesmor (f.12) and the `Stresse Roll' (f.14); and accounts of disbursements, including repairs (ff.5, 18v) and costs at the law (ff.5v-7, 19v). Receipts and payments for the Bedehouse or Almshouse of Bablake are also mentioned (ff.8,11v). The later account (ff.1-8) is written by Thomas Gregory.