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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Nicholas Falke with the assent of Isabel his wife to William son of Richard of four acres of land with two tenements in the wood of Alisspathe; of which two acres and one tenement lie between the land which John Falke held and the road leading from the house of Richard Jordan towards the brook in breadth, and extending from Fildenestrete to the metes of the grove of Richard de Kinton in length; and the other two acres lie between the land which Richard Waldyeve held and the land which John le Cnave held and extend from Fildenestrete to Fastoluissiche; to hold to the said William, his heirs or assigns (except a religious house) of the said Nicholas, paying an annual rent of 9 pence (2 terms), for which the said William gives 32 shillings. Witnesses: Gerard de Alisspathe, Viell de Folkesul, John de Fillongeleye, Walter son of William de Alisspathe, Geoffrey `ad Montem', Martin de Alisspathe, William Goding, Hugh leneucomene and others. Seal on tag; oval, green, a fleur de lis. Legend: S' NICOLAI FALKE. Endorsed: i) Widfyld [16th c.] ii) nemus Ricardi de Kinton' ix supd; redditus [AG]