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Gift in frankalmoign from Roger de Mulbraio to the Monastery of St Mary of Cumba of part of his wood of Brinchelawa


Gift in Frankalmoign with warranty from Roger de Mulbraio to the Monastery of St. Mary of Cumba of a part of his wood of Brinchelawa, namely that part of the grove with the land which is within it from Moreweia as far as the road which is between the said grove and between the arable land of Brinkelawa and from Waleweia up to the way which comes from Brinchelawa to Brandona and from the boundaries of Brandon' as far as the assart which the men of Brinchelawa hold and from the angle of the said assart through Morweia as far as the said way which stretches to Brandona'; to hold the same to do with as they wish `scilicet ad sartandum vel ad custodiendum'; and the grantor declares that the said Monks of Cumba of their charity for four score marks have acquitted him to the Jews. Witnesses: Robert de Daivill', Walter Briton', Hamo Bel', Hamo Lestrange, Philip de Montpincun, Henry de Rokebi, Robert Bel', Robert de Waura, William Cam', Peter son of Hamo Lestrange, Ralph son of Richard, Robert de Bileneia, Ernald Dispensator, Ralph son of Geoffrey, Robert the Clerk (Clerious), Ranulf de Mendevill' and Robert son of Gerard. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Rogeri de Molbrai de bosco de Brinkelauue.