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Official papers - Miscellaneous Inquisitions Post Mortem


First and second drafts of an inquisition held at Coventr' on 21 September, 34 Henry VIII, in the presence of Christopher Waren, mayor of the said city and William Stokes, esq., on the death of Julian Nethermyll', late of Coventr', draper, concerning the manors of Exall', Folleshull', alias Folleshill', and Keresley and other property in Radford, Deed Lane, Well Streit, Smythford St., Cooke St., Micheparke St., Beylie Lane, Erle St., le Newe Gait, Hill Crosse Streit, le Broad Gait and elsewhere in Coventr'. The first draft (a) is endorsed with a rough draft in the hand of Arthur Gregory of the rejoinder of Sylvia Foxall, plaintiff, to the answer of Robert Pycken, defendant, in a plea of dower [see nos. DR10/1595-1596].