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Coventry deeds and papers - Quitclaim


Quitclaim from William son of William de Pynnele to Henry Baker (pistori) of Coventr' and Agnes his wife of a messuage in `vico Fontis' [Well Street] in Coventre towards Hullemulne which lies between the land formerly of Adam Haune and the land of John de Donnestapel and extending from the highway to the water course which runs from Hullemulle;

[T]o hold the same of the chief lord of the fee rendering annually 20 pence; and for this the said Henry and Agnes give 16 shillings.

Witnesses: Robert de Chilton', Walter Bacon, John Tole, Thomas de Moubray, John Pyhod, Richard Midniht, Henry le Cnave, Walter le Coupere, Roger de Allesleye, clerk, and many others.
Tag, seal lost.
Endorsed: i) quieta clamatio Willelmi de Pynnele [contemp] ii) Carta versus Hullemulne de quadam placea quam Edwardus Wode nunc tenet de me in vico Fontis iii) xx supd;. redditus [AG]