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Wills and testamentary papers


Original will of Ann Huggett of Pebworth, formerly of Willersey Quarry, Glos., widow. i) £500 to Richard Hyatt of Dimmock, Glos., baker, Stephen Blakeman of Broadway, staymaker and Thomas Howes of Kenilworth, baker, in trust to invest and pay (1) £10 p.a. to sister Grace Howes for life (2) £10 p.a. to brother Richard Howes for life after death of Grace. (3) Trustees to take annually for themselves: Blakeman £4, Hyatt Howes, £3 each. ii) Only child William Huggett believed to be in East Indies. If he or one of his lawful children return and claim within 20 years of testator's death, then annuities above to cease and trustees to pay £500 to William or heirs and also hand over silver tankard and silver pint cup iii) If claim not made within 20 years then: (1) Silver tankard to John Howes of Pershore or heir. (2) Silver pint cup to Thomas Howes of Lower Guiting, Glos. (3) £20 for clothes for elderly poor men and widows of Lower Guiting. (4) £20 for clothes for elderly poor men and widows of Willersey. (5) £20 in like manner for inhabitants of Pebworth. (6) Trustees to retain their expenses. (7) Residue of £500 equally among surviving children of testator's deceased sisters Mary Souch and Sarah Silvester, deceased brother Robert Howes, surviving brother Richard Howes. (8) Residue of goods and chattels to sister Grace Howes. Trustees executors.