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Wills and testamentary papers


Administration with will, dated 8 June 1840, annexed of Joseph Morris of Valetta, Malta, died 25 September 1842, with the following bequests: 1. To his brother James Morris of Woodcoker, Somerset: £10. 2. To his brother George Morris: £10. 3. To Elizabeth Cammelleri, now wife of Antonio Sellol, tailor of Vittoriosa, Malta, £50, to assist her husband to establish himself in business. 4. To his brother Richard Morris: £10. 5. To his wife, Mary Morris, all household furniture and effects, wardrobe, jewels, etc. and £100 if she wishes to return to England. 6. To his nephew Henry Morris, son of his late brother John Morris, the residue of his estate in trust that he shall continue the business of the said Joseph Morris in Malta. 7. To be shared between the said Henry Morris and the said Mary Morris, the profits of the business. 8. An annuity of £60 to be paid to the said Mary Morris from the profits of the business. Myer Watson and John Robinson of Malta, merchants, appointed executors. The said Myer Watson and the said John Robinson having survived the said Joseph Morris but died without proving the will and Henry Greenham Morris, the residuary legatee, having died without taking up letter of administration, administration was granted to Guiditta Daniele, now wife of Paolo Daniele, the universal heiress under the will of the said Henry Greenham Morris. Proved in Her Majesty's Court of Probate, 3 April 1873. Presented by the British Records Association.