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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Petition from the Bailiff and Burgesses of Stratford upon Avon to Sir William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Lord High Treasurer, that --- whereas Edward VI, 28 June, 7 anno [1553], granted them a Court of Record every second week, a market, etc. and ordained there should be a perpetual Vicar and a Schoolmaster, each to have from the Town a stipend of £20, the nomination of the same to rest with John, Duke of Northumberland and his heirs, Lords of the said town -- he would further their suit to the Queen for the said nomination [now devolved to the Crown by the attainder of the above named Duke] and for `one fayre and markette more', etc., they `yeldinge to her Matie for the same vli yearlie'. Folio 60.