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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Release by Agnes Blythe, of Warwick, widow of John Baker, al. Baxter, of Stratford upon Avenue, baker, and Thomas Baker al. Baxster, chaplain, son and heir of the said John and Agnes to John Brugge, Master of the Guild of the Holy Cross, of the Blessed Mary the Virgin, and of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, William Logon and Richard Pernell, procurators of the same, and Thomas Clopton, esq., Roger Paget, John Gilberte, John Wager, John Brightwell, Richard Stowe, Thomas Tasker, Roger Palmer, aldermen of the same, and their successors, of two tenements and gardens in Wodestrete in Stratford, between tenements of William Harrewell, esq., tenanted by Henry Barowe, and Elizabeth Moss, tenanted by Thomas Staffordshire, with Roger Paget and Richard Stowe, constables, John Brightwell and William Marshall, under-bailiffs, Thomas Wager, chaplain, etc. Dated: Stratford, Monday after the feast of St. Andrew [30 November] 22 Edward IV [1482]. Latin, vellum, f.18.