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Letters to Robert Bell Wheler: Wheler Papers


Thomas Thomson, M.D.; No Date (f. 231) The drafts of R.B. Wheler's letters are addressed to:- a) William Staunton, of Longbridge, on a token of John Joley, 1667, a volume of Stratford newspapers, 1750-1, a portrait of Shakespeare at Dublin and a proposed Memorial to Shakespeare; 29 April 1822 (f. 13) b) John Poynder, sending `a fragment of the real Shakespeare's Mulberrywood' and alluding to a forgery by Jordan of Shakespeare's signature; 7 September 1830 (f. 18) c) J. Gough Nichols, with criticisms and suggestions for his account of the fresco-paintings in the Guild Chapel [published 1838]; December 1837, 9 January 1838 (ff. 44, 45) d) Harvy Eginton, on his plans for the South Porch of Stratford Church, etc. [c.f. ER1/20/23]; 26 April 1841 (f. 90) e) H[oward] Staunton, in answer to his of 7 September [ER1/20/30]; (f. 160) f) John Merridew, on his Engraved Warwickshire Portraits [of. ER1/20/32]; 23 November 1847 (f. 167) g) George May, in answer to his of 2 May [cf. ER1/20/36]; 13 May 1850 (f. 195) h) J.O. Halliwell, in answer to his of 22 November [ER1/20/34], as to an English version of the lines on Shakespeare's monument; 29 November 1852 (f. 211)