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Papers in cases George Harborne v.William Henry Wood


In an action for trespass and ejectment regarding 3 cottages in Wood Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Wood v. Harborne regarding the same property. George Harborne claims that the devise of the premises to Wood under the alleged will of Mrs. Elizabeth Wheatcroft (widow of Richard, deceased) who died without issue 25 September 1839, was null and void, and claims premises as heir-at-law of the deceased. Wood alleges wrongful detention of deeds; alleges mental weakness of Mrs. Wheatcroft and undue pressure brought upon her by Sarah Penn her servant and the defendant. George Harborne is the son of Charles Harborne and Ann his wife née Sharp who was the daughter of Thomas Sharp, brother of Elizabeth Sharp who married German Whitmore and was the mother of Elizabeth the testatrix who married Richard Wheatcroft. There were no surviving issue of the siblings of Elizabeth Whitmore and George Harborne claims as heir-at-law, being second cousin to the deceased