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Correspondence: Wheler Papers


At the end are the following papers: a) Extracts from the Register of Clifford Chambers relating to members of the Shakespeare and Malary families, 1560-1612, and to the burial of Thomas Greene, alderman of Stratford, on 13 October 1667 (f. 113) b) [Charles Howard, Lord] Howard [of Effingham], Lord Admiral to [Julius] Caesar, Judge of the Court of Admiralty, etc; Greenwich, 6 May 1595 (Copy, f. 114) c) Extract from the Will of Thomas Staunton, of Longbridge, with bequests to his son-in-law Hamnet Sadler and Judith his wife; 17 January 1609/10 (f. 115) d) Brief account of Stratford, its Grammar School, etc; in the hand of Rev. Joseph Greene (f. 116) e) Cutting from a newspaper, with W.H. Ireland's forgeries of letters from Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare (f.117) f) Printed advertisement of the published accompts of the Overseers of the Poor of Stratford, 1794-96; 5 November 1796 (f. 118) g) Account [by Thomas Fisher, see ER1/33/2] of the Ledger-Book of the Guild of the Holy Cross; 1807 (f. 119) h) `Ode to Shakespeare's birthday' with note by R.B. Wheler `sent me by Mr. Britton, 22 November 1813' (f.121) i) Extracts by R.B. Wheler from a letter of S. Booker in the Gentleman's Magazine, April 1815, p. 304, with anecdotes relating to Shakespeare's monument etc. (f.125) j) Notes and extracts by R.B. Wheler, etc., relating to the Shakespeare Commemoration of 1816, March-April 1816. (ff. 126-130) Including Foundation of Shakespeare club k) Latin inscription by Rev. John Moore for a Shakespeare Mulberry-wood cup belonging to Captain Saunders; 23 April 1816 (f. 132v) l) Letter of `Poins' in the Liverpool Courier 3 October 1821, on the whitewashing of the walls of the bedroom in Shakespeare's birthplace (f. 133) m) Printed prospectus of Abraham Wivell's Portraits of Shakespeare; London, 15 February 1827 (f.134) n) Estimates for carpenters' work at the New Theatre at Stratford; 1 March 1827 (ff. 135, 137) o) Cutting from Berrow's Worcester Journal, 16 May 1850, respecting a burglary at Charlecote House (f. 139) p) Printed advertisement of a raffle at the White Lion Hotel, Stratford, of a Loo Table inlaid with wood from Shakespeare's mulberry tree, etc. (f. 145) q) Extracts, from Harley MS 6072, of inscriptions and arms in Stratford Church (f. 146)