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Archer account book: Hunt papers


Accompt Book, with the heading `An account of all money received and paid to and for the use of Andrew Archer, Esq. [of Solihull, co. Warwick], by John Hall', his steward or agent, from 9 November 1708 to 6 July 1714.

Under the head of `Corne sold at Michaelmas 1708' is the entry of the receipt of 18s. 5d from `Benj. Shackspear for 6½ strike of Ry'; and under July 1712, is a payment to the same for cutting `Blockwood'.

The name of `Widow Shackspear' also occurs on 2 October 1710, 26 June 1711 and 7 January 1713 as the recipient of £5, yearly interest on £100.

The leaves upon which all these entries are made were torn out of the volume and were found in ER1/50. They have now been restored to their proper place. The following leaves (according to the old foliation) are still missing, viz: Ff. 2-6, 12-14, 16, 17, 31, 34, 38, 40, 45, 47, 49, 51, 54, 56. On the original vellum cover (now f.1) is a note by J.O. Halliwell identifying `Mr. Johnsons' to whom 18s.6d was paid `for school-books' on 2 March 1710/11, with Dr. Samuel Johnson's father, Lichfield having been mentioned just above. The same occurs again, 27 October 1711, `pd Mr. Johnsons, Booksellers Bill', £1 17s.8d.