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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Collections by R.B. Wheler, including, with other rough notes: a) An account of Welcomb Hills (f. 185) b) Pedigree of the Carew family (f. 187) c) Extracts from the register of Knoll relating to the Shakespeare family, and from the Warwickshire surveys temp. Philip and Mary, relating to the Hathaways. (f.188) d) Extracts from the Chamberlains accounts, 1768-9, relating to Garrick and the Jubilee, with the `annual rents of the Corporation' and list of Chamberlains, 1793-1814. (f. 189) e) Note of a visit of Ed
ward IV to Stratford after the battle of Tewkesbury, 4 May 1471. (f. 190) f) Draft inscriptions for the Alms Houses in Stratford founded by Robert de Stratford (f. 191)
PLEASE NOTE: Due to its fragility and the availability of surrogates, this item is closed. Please refer to microfilm copy.