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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Letters of attorney from John Huggeford, of Edmondescote, squire of the body to the King, and Thomas Whalley to Thomas Walford of Clayendon, to receive seisin from Roger Bukden, of Stretteford upon Avene and Isabella, his wife, late wife of Richard Clerke, of a messuage etc. in Rowyngton, lying at Le Lye between land of John atte Lye and a close late of Thomas Hugyn, now of John Reve and extending from Holwelgrene to Peyterynlone, together with a close at Le Lye called Newland. Dated: Monday after the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle [21 December] 22 Edward IV [1482]. Latin, vellum, f.19.