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Miscellanea: Saunders Papers


Copies of verses, etc. - `My hart doth pant for sorrow' etc. `copied [by J. Jordan] from An Old Manuscript belonging to the family of Shakespeare of Rowington, now in the possession of Mr. John Payton, Alderman and Magistrate of the Borough of Stratford upon Avon.' (f. 96) - `On the celebrated Crab tree', beginning `The sippers of Bidford a fame drinking town' (f.97) - `When Stratford first in Shakespeare's name'; - on the foundation of a Shakespeare Club, being a draft in the hand of Capt. Saunders (f. 98) - on the `beautiful Anne C[resswe]ll' beginning `Of all the girls in Shakespeare's town' (f. 100) - `The signs of the times' on the Inn signs of Stratford, beginning `The statesman ambitious, the higher he climbs' (f.101) - various satirical pieces on the Shakespeare Club, a Birthday celebration, etc. (ff. 103-106); 1827 - `The Pilgrim at the tomb of Shakespeare' by the Rev. W.L. Bowles, 1823, beginning, `With silent awe I gaze upon thy bust.' (f.107)