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Miscellanea: Saunders Papers


Collections relating to Sir George Carew, Earl of Totness [1625, d. 1629]: - Copy of a brief autobiography (f. 116) - Anecdote regarding his marriage with Joyce Clopton [1580] `related by Sir Hugh Clopton to the Rev. Joseph Greene, Master of the Free School and curate of Stratford upon Avon'. Copied from Greene's papers by R.B. Wheler and sent to Capt. Saunders 6 April 1811 (f. 118) - Copy by Capt. Saunders of a letter (in Ashmole Ms 1929, p. 116) from H. Gorges to Sir Robert Cecil on a quarrel between Sir George Carye [Carew] and Sir Walter Raleigh endorsed 26 July 1592. Taken from the Monthly Magazine November 1811 (f. 120) - Copy by R.B. Wheler of the will of Joyce, Countess Dowager of Totness, dated 9 June 1636; with notes concerning the descent of Clopton Manor, dated 29 November 1811 (f. 121) - Abstract of the will of George Carew, Earl of Totness, dated 30 November 1625. `Taken by Robt. B. Wheler from the Prerogative Office, Tuesday, 21 April 1812' (f. 123)