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Miscellanea: Saunders Papers


Verses, etc. including:
a) `Upon a lady's embroidery by D[avid] G[arrick]' (f.226)
b) `Elegy on the death of Garrick' from Jane Bowdler's Poems, 1807. (f. 227) On the back (ff. 228v, 229) are rough drawings of Cubberley Court and Church, co. Glouc.
c) On a visit of the Corporation to Stratford Racecourse, 15 August 1776 (f. 231)
d) `Occasional Prologue to Oroonoko' spoken by William Davis `at the Barford Malthouse Theatre' (f. 232)
e) `The Pleasures of Hunger and Thirst', a song, signed G. D. (f. 239)