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Sir Simon Archer's account book


Account-book of Sir Simon Archer, 30 Nov 1622 - 20 Jan 1628/9, containing receipts chiefly of interest on account of loans, with other notes on money matters. Among the names are those of Lettice Digby, Baroness Offalye (ff. 1, etc), William Quynie (ff. 2, 4v) and Thomas Slye (f. 5) At the end are receipts given to Sir Simon from Charles Bentley for half-yearly payments of interest on £200 due to himself, Joan Baker and Richard Burbage, 29 Aug 1657 - 11 May 1661 (f.10), and a note of a debt from Sir Simon and Thomas Archer to Henry Smith of Stratford on Avon, dated 10 Nov 1658 (f.13)

Related material

Leaves from this volume are to be found in ER1/51-56.