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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


The Privy Council to Sir Julius Caesar, Master of the Rolls, and Sir Edward Coke, enclosing petitions (ER1/1/83) from the Bailiff and Burgesses of Stratford upon Avon `concerninge an Inclosure of 400 acres of arable launde intended to bee turned into pasture by one William Combe of Welcombe.... to the prejudice of the tythes of corne and grayne imployed to divers charitable uses', and commanding them to hear the cause and make order thereon. Whitehall 14 February 1618/19. Signed by George Abbot, archbishop of [Canterbury], Fr[ancis Bacon, Lord] Verulam, Chancellor, the Duke of Lenox, Marquis of Hamilton, Earls of Worcester, Pembroke, Arundel and Doncaster and L[ancelot Andrews, Bishop of] Ely, Sir Thomas Edmondes, Sir Henry Cary, Sir Robert Naunton, Sir Fulke Grevyll and Sir Julius Caesar. Folio 107.